The Empress Unbound

Publication Date: July 24, 2015

Book Description

The Wayward Assassin series continues in volume two, The Empress Unbound. The Empress, along with the Lord Dragon Daerakesh, has begun her two-front battle to reclaim the empire. On one side there is the ancient enemy that needs to be cleared from the galaxy. On the side are the planets that had rebelled or forgotten their roots. Amongst the turmoil the Empresses household grows ever larger as new circles of thirteen are created.

The Empress Unbound, is published as an eBook on The Empress Unbound is approximately one-hundred-thousand words in length, and has evolved in a direction that surprised even the author.

The Lord Dragon Daerakesh is a warrior-assassin, rescued from a planet not his own by the empress Mayodesera who had spent thousands of years searching, before finding him at the last minute. Now the prophecy written long ago on their home-world can be fulfilled.

This adventure is a history. Although histories are usually written in a favorable light by the victors, for the victors, this alternate history is simply written in the way it was, it is, or will be depending on your time-line and the dimension your coconsciousness resides in.

Please be advised that this tale of a hundred-thousand plus words contains subject matter that is intended for a mature audience.

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