Pax Imperii

Publication Date: October 19, 2018

Book Description

The consolidation of the Empire continues planet by planet in Pax Imperii. As some mysteries are answered new ones develop as the second circle, who was tasked with bringing in errant colonies back into the Empires embrace, continues their often bloody mission.

Daerakesh is a warrior-assassin, trapped on a planet not his own for thousands of years with no memories of before. Mayodesera has spent thousands of years searching and finally finds Daerakesh at the last minute. Now the prophecy written long ago on their home-world can be fulfilled.

This adventure is a history. Although histories are usually written in a favorable light by the victors, for the victors, this alternate history is simply written in the way it was, it is, or will be depending on your time-line and the dimension your coconsciousness resides in.

Please be advised that this tale of a hundred-thousand plus words contains subject matter that is intended for a mature audience.

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