The Empress Unbound is awesome! I can't wait for more books in the series to come out.
Jessica  RUS

Thank you! ~Duane Da`Vein


The Crystal Dagger is really good.
Jessica  RUS

Thank you Smile Smiley ~Duane Da`Vein


Does any of the story have personal meaning to you?
Megan  CUS

Actually quite a bit of it does. ~Duane Da`Vein


Were did you get the idea to write the Wayward Assassin Series?
Rebecca  MAU

I had the idea for years but not the execution plan. ~Duane Da`Vein


So, Mr. Duane... are you single? I was just wondering Angel Smiley
Jessica  RUS

I am single Jessica, why do you ask? Are you single? Kiss Smiley ~Duane Da`Vein


What happened to Bella, is she still in the story?
Mike  RUS

Bella has been busy doing her duty for the Empress. There will be a lot more of her in The Crystal Dagger Winking Smiley ~Duane Da`Vein


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