The Crystal Dagger

The third volume in the Wayward Assassin series, The Crystal Dagger, is coming along nicely with a publishing date set for March 19, 2017. The Crystal Dagger is taking longer to write than The Empress Unbound since the book will be approximately forty-thousand words longer.

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Gateway To Prophecy

The first volume in the Wayward Assassin series. Gateway to Prophecy, begins on the Earth but quickly moves off-planet. The reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster filled with twists and turns, layerd with a touch of wisdom, and a great deal of naivety.

Gateway to Prophecy (The Wayward Assassin) (Volume 1) is available in a paperback format or as an eBook on

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How many more Lady Dragons will there be?
Jessica R, US

What happened to the Lady Dragons in the first book. Most were hardly mentioned in The Empress Unbound.
Jessica R, US

Were did you get the idea to write the Wayward Assassin Series?
Rebecca M, AU

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The Crystal Dagger


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